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A Home Inspection in Atlanta or Metro Atlanta is a Serious Process

  Home inspection of a Historic Queen Ann home



The process of getting a home inspection in Palmetto, Fairburn, Tyrone or Union City, GA. is pretty simple right? You call an inspector and make the appointment. However, before you start, the first question is do you want a low cost inspector or one of good quality? Does the price of the home inspection matter or thoroughness matter? Depending on the type of house and age, these may be the most important points of the inspector selection process.   

Either inspection may or may not be a good one and what you get in each report may be very different. If you don't have both inspection reports to compare, it may be difficult to know what is left out or what should be included. I think a home inspection identifying all the problems and defects in a home is good. But, a home inspection that lists all the components and systems on the property, explains there current maintenance condition and identifies any problems, defects or issues is better or best. I provide very thorough home inspections and will be happy to provide samples or answer questions on what you get in each.

 I Thoroughly Inspect The whole Home

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You have to be very careful when buying a home in Georgia in general. There are a lot of things that can be wrong with a house and it can still be put on the market for sale. You cannot rely on the disclosure form or the seller to reveal what is really wrong with a house. Remember, the seller wants the highest price he or she can get, no matter what condition the home may be in. It is becoming a more open market that allows any house to be sold. There can be fire damage, termite damage, water damage, have structural problems, have mold problems and more. There is no rule or law that requires a seller to make professional repairs or follow building codes or rules. Your best defense is a highly qualified home Inspector.

I Inspect All Interior Components and The Attic

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This Queen Ann home, in a historic area of Atlanta, was being sold for $153,000.00 and described as newly renovated and upgrades. It had been partially restored and painted in original colors on the exterior. From the exterior the home inspection was going well. There were no major structural issues visible and the building appeared to haveno major damage.

On the interior the wood floors, walls and 10 foot ceilings had been nicely repaired and restored. It had 6 inch baseboards, 5 inch door trim and 5 inch crown molding installed professionally. It appeard that the seller had spent a lot money to restore the home properly before putting it on the market for sale.

Due to the 10 foot ceilings and no pulldown stairs, I had to get my ladder to access the attic. After moving back the plywood door to the attic, I found evidence that the home had major fire damage to the structural components and framing. The joists, rafters and top wall plates were 50-70 percent burned. There were fire damaged two-by-four rafters spaced 26 inches on center that had 2 x 4s nailed on their sides for support. New plywood decking had been installed onto the burned rafters and a new 25 year roof had been installed in the last 2 years. It appeared someone was trying to sell a home that had hidden fire damage. This is just one reason I will inspect all attic and attic crawl space areas.


I Inspect All Basements and Crawlspaces

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The kitchen had been remodeled including new granite tops, high quality cabinets and one remodeled full bath and a 1/2 bath that had all new fixtures. New heat vents and registers were in place and a new thermostat was on the wall in the hall. The basement had been replaced with a new steel clad, foam core door but it was nailed shut. I had to get a hammer to get access. Once in the basement this was the first suprise. Copper wiring had been completely removed under the floors and all copper piping had been vandalized. This is only one of many homes that I have inspected in the atlanta area where the seller had major conditions or damage and tried to cover them up or hide them.

No matter whether your home is in Palmetto, Fairburn, Union City or Tyrone Georgia, I will do a thorough, detailed home inspection for your protection.





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