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  • New-Home Inspector Services Including Framing & Pre-Drywall Inspections          
  • Certified Inspector For Existing Homes Including Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC  
  • Professional Estimating Repair Costs and Improvements if Buying a Home As-Is
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Always A Professional Home Inspection For Health And Safety!

If you're a "home buyer" looking for a very good home inspector in the Atlanta area, I'll do an exceptional job for you! I guarantee your satisfaction or your money back. That's it! It's the best of the best. GAHI inspectors are the most experienced and reliable home inspectors in Georgia. You can be assured that your home inspector and inspection report will be of the highest quality.

I provide one of the best quality home inspection reports there is in Atlanta. It takes you through the house, page by page, like a well written manual. Along with a photo file you get to know the house. I will provide you with the most thorough and in-depth information about the home as possible.

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High Quality Residential Inspection Services Backed With Experience!

As a Certified Master Inspector (CMI) in Atlanta and Georgia, I am qualified to inspect all residential properties including existing homes, mansions, historic homes, new homes, condominiums, townhouses, apartments, lofts and more. I will be glad to forward my credentials.

If you're having a new home built I'm a ASHI, GAHI, ICC Home Inspector also. I know a lot about the various requirements for quality new house construction and how they are supposed to be built according to building codes.

"Home Inspector with Residential Construction and Home Repair Experience"

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Home inspectors in Georgia do not have to be registered, qualified or certified like many other states require. The same goes for inspection reporting. There are no guidelines or set of rules a home inspector must follow when inspecting a home and providing you with a thorough report. This is why prices can vary widely and home inspections can be performed in different ways.

One inspector can charge $250.00 to $275.00 for a 2,000 square foot house and another inspector may charge $350.00 to $389.00 for the same home. There is a reason for this difference. A good quality home inspection will never be cheap and a cheap home inspection will never be good enough to fully protect you.

If you need an experienced home inspector with all the right credentials that can discuss home improvement options and estimates for damage or repair, I am qualified. I also have a State Registered Building Contractor License and also is a Certified Energy Auditor with Infrared Camera Imaging.  

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"If you want a home inspector that will do a very thorough inspection, I think Paris Pressley is one of the best. Paris has a lot of knowledge when it comes to home inspections and it shows in his work. I hired a cheap home inspector and based on his inspection report I bought the house. After I noticed problems with my gutters, floors and porch I decided to have another home inspection done. I hired Mr. Pressley. He found mold under my floors, water damage covered up, indications of foundation settling and many things the cheap inspector didn't see or failed to find. I will never use a cheap inspector again. If I buy another home my inspector will be Paris Pressley". D. S.

Thorough Service To Stay One of The Best Home Inspectors in Atlanta!

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To do a thorough and high quality home inspection, there must be a thorough inspection report. It should clearly explain in detail the complete description of the property and all the issues and concerns found.

Along with my inspection report, I also provide a quick snapshot page of the property's condition which can be reviewed in 15 minutes or less. It allows you to know right-away what I found, what is right and what is wrong with the home. My report is designed to be very informative, concise and easy to understand. The completed report is 16 pages of information packed with details and digital photos. 

I have a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to doing thorough home inspections in Georgia and I will use all of it to provide the best! Want to see a full inspection report? Send me a email!

My inspection service is endorsed by If you choose me to be your home inspector, you are assured to be getting one of the best in Georgia!

Paris Pressley 

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